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The modern solution for busy hospitals

Patient throughput is a top priority for busy hospitals. As the healthcare landscape evolves, telemedicine emerges as a modern solution to relieve the burden for on-site staff.

At VirtualMed Staff, we serve hospitals and health systems across America. With years of technical, clinical, and staffing expertise, we provide our partners with custom telepsychiatry, teleneurology, and telehospitalist solutions to See More Patients™ and sustain healthy communities.

With more than 400 hospitals across 32 states so far, VirtualMed clinicians treat approximately 3,000 patients every month.

Our telemedicine solutions can help your hospital

  • Reduce wait times for consults
  • Focus and prioritize patient care
  • Maximize patient satisfaction
  • Improve patient engagement and follow up
  • Minimize transfers
  • Expand revenue or create new revenue streams
  • Reduce service line expense
  • Support night, call, and weekend coverage and admissions
  • Increase physician retention by relieving after-hours or on-call burdens

Ready to improve patient care?

Our physicians are equipped with an impeccable webside manner. If you want to learn more about how telemedicine can enhance your practice and improve patient care, book a demo with a virtual care specialist.